While Surya creates thousands of its own designs, we also work with renowned and emerging talent. Signature style does not manifest overnight. It takes years of creative development, collaboration and refinement to arrive at the themes, motifs and palettes that eventually become hallmarks. The unique fusion between the Surya brand and our pioneering design partners allows us to deliver a comprehensive collection in serious style.
  • Alexander Wyly Thumbnail
    Alexander Wyly
  • Angelo Home Thumbnail
    Angelo Home
  • B Smith Thumbnail
    B Smith
  • Beth Lacefield Thumbnail
    Beth Lacefield
  • Bobby Berk Thumbnail
    Bobby Berk
  • BrinkandCampman  Thumbnail
  • Candice Olson Thumbnail
    Candice Olson
  • Clairebella  Thumbnail
  • DwellStudio  Thumbnail
  • Emma Gardner Thumbnail
    Emma Gardner
  • GlucksteinHome  Thumbnail
  • Harlequin  Thumbnail
  • Jill Rosenwald Thumbnail
    Jill Rosenwald
  • Joe Ginsberg Thumbnail
    Joe Ginsberg
  • Julie Cohn Thumbnail
    Julie Cohn
  • Lotta Jansdotter Thumbnail
    Lotta Jansdotter
  • Mike Farrell Thumbnail
    Mike Farrell
  • Mossy Oak Thumbnail
    Mossy Oak
  • Orla Kiely Thumbnail
    Orla Kiely
  • Papilio  Thumbnail
  • Robert Langford Thumbnail
    Robert Langford
  • Sanderson  Thumbnail
  • Scion  Thumbnail
  • Shell Rummel Thumbnail
    Shell Rummel
  • Smithsonian  Thumbnail
  • Ted Baker Thumbnail
    Ted Baker
  • William Morris Thumbnail
    William Morris
  • William Mangum Thumbnail
    William Mangum