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Social Responsibility

We aspire to leave a lasting positive impact
for generations to come.
When you partner with Surya, you are part of a longstanding tradition of helping others and supporting communities in need.


Our founder, Surya Tiwari, started his career as a teacher in a small village in India and recognized early on the role of education as a catalyst for social mobility. Every year Surya provides thousands of underprivileged women and children in rural India with access to education, opening the doors to a brighter future.



Every handcrafted Surya product is a labor of love that requires the skill and passion of many hands and hearts. Surya continually invests in the well-being and professional growth of 50,000+ artisans in rural India.



We are committed to improving our environmental sustainability by using recycled and repurposed materials, natural dyes and eco-friendly fibers as much as possible.



Surya partners with a variety of organizations to advance health and medical care. Areas of focus include veteran access to medical treatment, research funding for cancer, diabetes and other serious illnesses, and promoting healthy pregnancies.


Respect for Humanity

We believe in upholding integrity throughout the process of creating products, from concept and design to production and delivery to our clients. We treat our employees with fairness, dignity and respect and require that all contractors and vendors adhere to fair labor practices.

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